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for the teens in us

I started enlivenment for this teen. Who wanted so much to act. Who didn’t give a fuck about how she looked, she just wanted to move people. Who slowly got worn down by trying to fit into someone else’s idea of the way a young “woman” should be.

Who hadn’t yet discovered that what she thought was her weakness was actually her super power.

Who hadn’t yet written in her journal...

I am not one thing. I don’t care to be one thing. I could do whatever you want me to do. I could play a very convincing 80 year old man and you’d believe it or an 8 year old child, you’d believe it, too. I find it hard to talk about myself “as an actor” in definitive terms because I don’t see myself as fixed. I’m always changing and evolving and the parts inside me are too. Every character I play I get to learn something new about who I am. I see all the pieces. I live in the grey. Beyond absolutes. I am not one thing. I don’t care to be one thing. This is not a weakness. I will not banish any part of myself. I will not hold back because I’m afraid people can’t handle the wholeness of me”.

I started enlivenment because I truly believe we do not need to sacrifice who we are to work in this industry. In my experience, it’s only by embracing the truest parts of ourselves and having the courage to share them that we find the projects and roles that are right for us. There is only one YOU.

Enlivenment is a space for artists to explore, risk, fail, try things, try again, work it out, rehearse, play, take off the armour, be vulnerable, be brave, show up and be in process on camera without the pressure to book the gig, impress anyone or get it right the first time.

My biggest discoveries have always been when I've taken huge risks and really shared the truest parts of myself and it's my hope that Enlivenment will be a space for you to do the same.

Big love to all of you and the teens in us who teach us so much.



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