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"Sometimes in acting class, I feel like I'm not allowed to be human" I told Viv during our first session. Over the past few months, while working with enlivenment coaching, I've been allowed to feel overwhelmingly human and guided to see the humanity in the characters I play. It's a beautiful and also terrifying thing. What makes the On Camera Confidence course so unique is that not only are you doing scene study and character work but you're also cultivating personal growth and self compassion.


Vivien has coached me through some of the most exciting times in my life, but also, through the times when I was at my lowest, when all I could do was cry. She never once told me that I should grow thick skin because the industry was hard. In fact, we embraced the opposite philosophy, because not growing thick skin means that you allow yourself to feel all your emotions and that's not a bad thing and can actually help you do better work. So yeah, I think it's obvious that I give this course a glowing five stars and I recommend it to all actors who have big goals but aren't sure how to put them into action. Thank you for guiding me towards scary and exciting life changes. I am so filled with gratitude and love for you.”

- Shayla Brown, Actor (Women Talking, See)


I took Vivien's course to deepen my on-camera work, specifically for self tapes and was taken on the adventure I didn't know I needed. The course is so beautifully curated to balance the deeply personal creative process of working on camera and the fortitude required to thrive in this business.


Vivien is a wise soul with endless curiosity as an artist and coach. During the 12 weeks I took some of the biggest (and best) risks of my career so far with Vivien's support, knowledge and care. She truly commits 100% to being alongside you as you grow, in vulnerability and bravery toward your goals. I've gained a deeper sense of ownership of my craft and career.


This course digs beneath the surface to give you tools to empower your on-camera acting from the inside out, unique to your own gifts. Highly recommend Vivien's on-camera confidence course! 

- Loriel Medynski, Actor (The World to Come, Where Monsters Live)

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"I walked into Vivien’s studio 6 months ago feeling tense, exhausted and completely disconnected from my breath and my body. My inner perfectionist was in charge of my life and my work, and I was so damn tired of not feeling good enough. Vivien sat with me week after week, listened to my hopes, dreams and fears, and intuitively nudged me on an unexpected, but desperately needed journey back home to myself.


Viv is a fiercely intelligent and deeply compassionate coach with vast knowledge of what it means to be an artist, and infinite curiosity about each individual’s relationship to their craft. The patience and understanding she offered me at my most vulnerable moments allowed me to really sit in my own discomfort and develop a curious and compassionate dialogue with myself. I learned to listen to my needs, to honour them and to always, always speak to myself with kindness. 


Her weekly lessons are bursting with information and it has been such a joy to apply my newly gained knowledge to my auditions, my on-set work and my day to day life. The benefits are tangible and it is SO GRATIFYING to feel these tools working. 


This work has had a profound impact on me, emotionally and physiologically… I feel like the hard exterior I’ve been wearing like a suit of armour has broken to pieces around me- I feel lighter, softer and so much more alive. 


Vivien is like nobody I’ve ever met and I cannot recommend her course enough- it changed my life.”

- Kira Guloien, Actor (Women Talking, Robyn Hood)

I feel like any articulation of what it’s like to work with Viv through her On Camera Confidence course and beyond would truly be an injustice to the impact that she’s had not only on my acting career, but the way I approach my day-to-day life.


I started working with Viv at an extremely critical moment in my career—a point at which I was confronted with whether or not I was emotionally ready or objectively qualified to leave my representation of many years and expand the scope of my work beyond commercials. This was a leap that I’m incredibly fortunate to have accomplished under the consultation of Enlivenment Coaching, one that might’ve been plagued by my inner critic had I not been exposed to the frameworks and practices that Vivien teaches.


She approaches every session with so much compassion and curiosity that it really encouraged me to actively learn and enact those same behaviours towards myself—whether that be during sessions of game-planning my needs/wants for my career (and beyond) or during challenging scene work. Vivien knew exactly how to productively push me out of my comfort zone through her strategic assignment of sides and the vulnerable connection we formed throughout our scene work.


Before my work with Vivien, I quite literally never imagined that ease and compassion could exist in relation to my work as an actor. I felt as though every performance had to be riddled with anxiety and self-doubt because I didn’t know anything else. Pursuing a career in acting is not easy, but I definitely feel so much more at ease with pursuing it.


To sum it all up, if you need someone to help you get ALL your shit together as a human and as an actor, look no further than Enlivenment Coaching.

- Sam Calleja, Actor (Heavy Petting)


“When I say working with enlivenment coaching has been life changing I am not exaggerating. I have grown so much as an actor in our twelve weeks together, but I've also come away with a whole new mindset and a set of strategies for how to approach my work, this industry and the highs and lows we experience as artists.


I cannot recommend the On Camera Confidence course enough. I am going into this year with a healthier outlook, a sense of purpose and a lot of excitement

- Sarah Hime, Actor (Pink is In)

“Funnily, the opportunity to work meaty and challenging scenes, weekly, with so astute an eye as Vivien’s - and to receive her imminently useful feedback - becomes almost a bonus feature of this course, as Vivien guides you on a deep dive of your own creative drive. She’s so compassionate in this role of guide - so wholeheartedly supportive and generous with her personalised attention - that I couldn’t help but emerge with an incandescent sense of mission and viscerally re-enlivened creative fire.


This is unlike any acting course I’ve ever taken; it transformed not only my relationship to my artistic practice, but to my very self, as I sometimes stumble, sometimes soar along my way". 


- Amelia Sargisson,

  Actor (See, Murdoch Mysteries)


“Vivien is hands down the best coach I've ever had.


She is generous, kind and creative and the work we've done together has made me feel more confident, comfortable and, above all, more like myself on camera. I cannot recommend working with her enough.”

- Bryn Kennedy, Actor (V-Wars, Coroner)

"Vivien goes out of her way to make me feel seen and heard; it’s more than just the craft of acting— we talk about what it is to be a woman in the industry and how being in tune with all parts of me ties into my work.


I leave every session feeling empowered and inspired!

- Lindsay Wu, Actor (Grand Army)


"Viv is an amazing listener, teacher and mentor. A lot of growth these past few years has been thanks to her.


Our sessions always fill me with inspiration and determination and I truly believe that so many people can benefit from working with her". 


- Erin Humphry, Actor

(Breathing Corpses, CoalMine Theatre)

"Viv helped me make the transition from theatre to on-camera acting smoothly and effectively.  Her methods helped me discover more about who I am as a person and artist more than any coach has before. 


Together, we developed a process that I can rely on every time I get a set of sides. She is an incredible resource to have on your side!" 


- Teigan Litke, Actor (The Crew)

Vivien has helped me find better ways to work through the uncertainty of this industry, develop a personal practice, and work from my own experience to create more truthful performances.  

She is a highly qualified, incredibly supportive, hands on acting coach and her warm and nurturing personality is what I love most about her! 

- Lauren Wolanski, Actor (Work Party)

"Vivien's approach allowed her to get to know me in an organic way and meant our work was perfectly tailored to what I needed in my personal growth and development as an actor.

Techniques I learned with Viv remain invaluable to me every time I prepare for a role".


- Justine Christensen,

Actor (Murdoch Mysteries, Maps and Mistletoe)

Let's talk through what you'd like to create  for yourself right now

A version of this course is also available for writers and other creatively inclined humans. Please be in touch to find out more.

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