helping women, trans feminine and non binary artists transform their lives from the inside out

Meet, Vivien.

(That's me, I'm Vivien).


I help artists focus on the inner and outer work required to find balance, stay sharp and achieve the careers they want.

As an actor, I understand the many pitfalls, traps and anxieties that can come with the reality of working in the entertainment industry. So many unknowns. No guarantees.


So how do we stay grounded and committed? How do we keep showing up wholeheartedly? And how do we maintain our competitive edge while staying true to ourselves? 

I'm here to tell you its possible to have a thriving career you are proud of and to love the process of creating it.

Get the practice right, and your commitment will open the door for the market to engage with your work.” 
― Seth Godin, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work