private courses

The Spark

8 weeks

A unique 1:1 deep dive into every aspect of your development as an on camera actor. Perfect if you are starting out in film and tv or transitioning to the screen from theatre.

This course will give you foundational tools and guide you through a step by step process for cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself so that you can bring that fullness and presence into your on camera work without feeling like you have anything to prove. We will focus on breath, honest moment to moment exchange, connecting with what you want and letting go of anything getting in the way of trusting you are enough. You will work in front of the camera every week, in detail, on a total of 4 lead characters from film and tv.

By the end of this program you will have a transformed relationship to your craft, an array of tools for maintaining a resilient practice and a burning desire for what's next. 

an initial deep dive inventory 

8 online modules with weekly resource material, study guides + reflection sheets


8 live, one and a half hour private sessions including on camera scene work, career & mindset coaching



The Firefly 

4 weeks

pre-requisite: The Spark or previous enlivenment experience

This is for you if you have some on camera experience but want to up level your audition/ self tape skills and get specific about what's required to perform at your personal best.

These intensive four weeks will give you the tools, rigorous practice and competitive edge you need to book work. You will be given a new character/set of sides to prep every session, you will explore 4 different "types" and you will watch and reflect on your work.

We will identify where you're unsure, work through setbacks, give you the key touchstones to audition technique that you can rely on every time and make sure your materials cohesively represent you.

an initial in depth inventory 


4 live, one and half hour sessions  including on camera scene work + career and mindset coaching.


2 rounds of email notes on your materials;  headshots, reel, website, letters of intent, clips.



The Firecracker

6 months

By Application & Consult Only

This offering is for the working artist who wants a deeper level of time, energy and support. 


Your career is on fire. ​You've worked hard and its showing. You're feeling the momentum and you know what you're capable of. You're ready to invest in your emotional, mental and spiritual health so you can embrace the new heights you're soaring to with ease and grace.


You want to hone in, get super specific about your next steps and what it will take to get there. You're ready to do some serious introspection, shift unconscious patterning and take decisive action in alignment with your highest self.


There is something inside you burning to work hard, make shit happen and show up fiercer, more wholehearted and committed than you ever have before. 

1 initial deep dive inventory and career goal setting session


4 supportive 1 hour coaching calls per month


4 flexible hours of on camera sessions (audition/rehearsal/ pitch) per month

1 emergency mini session per month

2 rounds of email feedback & support on career communications, applications, headshots, reel, website, letters of intent, proposals per month

weekly text check-ins


There are a handful of scholarship spots available. 
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