On Camera Confidence

8 weeks

If you're an actor building your career in film and tv and you are craving holistic one-on-one support focussed on your craft, your heart, your mind and what you want to create for yourself this course is for you.

Through this work you will:

  • Discover a new level of authenticity, ease and freedom in front of the camera.

  • Reignite an embodied sense of aliveness in your creative practice.

  • Learn practical strategies and frameworks for letting let go of whats no longer serving you and supporting yourself through challenges.

  • Clarify your career vision, set process focussed goals and start going for what you truly want.

  • Be prouder than ever of the work you are putting out into the world. 

We get you there by focussing on three components:


  • On Camera Practice

  • Guided Inner Work

  • Career Visioning

On Camera Practice

You will dig into scene work every week with lead characters from film and tv and be encouraged to:

  • Connect with your breath and open to presence

  • Let go of anything blocking you from sharing your authentic experience with the camera

  • Make grounded choices with smart script analysis

  • Try things, take risks, play and work off your partner organically

  • Learn what you need to do your best work

  • Set yourself up for audition success

Inner Work

Our greatest obstacles to feeling comfortable and confident in front of the camera are often our own beliefs, doubts and fears about ourselves. A major focus of this course will be on giving you new ways of relating to yourself so that you can stop over thinking and beating yourself up and start finding kinder, more effective approaches for supporting yourself in tough moments and cultivating resilience in the face of rejection, resistance, fear and uncertainty.

The first five weeks of the program are focussed on Growth Mindset, Cultivating your Practice, Noticing Habitual Patterns, Working with the Inner Critic and Coaching Yourself Through.

Career Visioning

The last three weeks of the program are focussed on Finding Your Why, Creating your Plan and Embracing the Process. You will connect with what fuels you, get clear on what you want to create for yourself moving forward, set process focussed goals and take meaningful action steps in alignment with your vision.

In this phase we will also spruce up your materials (if needed) and make sure you are putting your best foot forward professionally.

One on One Support

This course follows a carefully designed curriculum while leaving room for the specific goals of each individual. The one on one nature of this work allows us to develop a working relationship built on trust and mutual respect. I will partner with you to create a safe container for you to stretch, build on your strengths, work through challenges and figure out what’s next. I am here to cheer you on, keep you on track and coach you towards your best work yet!

Let's talk through what you'd like to create for yourself right now.


“Vivien is hands down the best coach I've ever had. She is generous, kind and creative and the work we've done together has made me feel more confident, comfortable and, above all, more like myself on camera. I cannot recommend working with her enough.”

- bryn kennedy, actor

"Vivien goes out of her way to make me feel seen and heard; it’s more than just the craft of acting— we talk about what it is to be a woman in the industry and how being in tune with all parts of me ties into my work.


I leave every session feeling empowered and inspired!

- lindsay wu, actor


"Viv is an amazing listener, teacher and mentor. A lot of growth these past few years has been thanks to her.


Our sessions always fill me with inspiration and determination and I truly believe that so many people can benefit from working with her". 


- erin humphry, actor

"Viv helped me make the transition from theatre to on-camera acting smoothly and effectively.  Her methods helped me discover more about who I am as a person and an artist more than any coach has before. 


Together, we developed a process that I can rely on every time I get a set of sides. She is an incredible resource to have on your side!" 


- teigan litke, actor

Vivien has helped me find better ways to work through the uncertainty of this industry, develop a personal practice, and work from my own experience to create more truthful performances.  

She is a highly qualified, incredibly supportive, hands on acting coach and her warm and nurturing personality is what I love most about her! 

- lauren wolanski, actor

"Vivien's approach allowed her to get to know me in an organic way and meant our work was perfectly tailored to what I needed in my personal growth and development as an actor.

Techniques I learned with Viv remain invaluable to me every time I prepare for a role".


- justine christensen, actor

What exactly is included in the course?


  • 1 initial deep dive inventory

  • 8 live, 80 minute private sessions over zoom including;

on camera scene work + personal check ins tailored to your needs and goals

  • weekly lesson videos with transformative tools & frameworks for living in deeper alignment with the truest, fullest expression of you.

  • accompanying PDF's with worksheets and self reflection prompts

  • regular check- ins and support via text message

  • you will be sent your footage to keep.

This course is designed to serve professional actors who...

  • want to learn how to transform their relationship to on camera work 

  • want to play, make discoveries, be in process and reawaken the artist within

  • want to take inspired action in alignment with their career vision

  • want to deepen their capacity to support themselves through challenges, resistance and self doubt

$425 / month

Let's talk through what you'd like to create  for yourself right now