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On Camera Reboot

4 weeks                          for return students

These weekly sessions are for the actor who has completed On Camera Confidence (or equivalent courses with Enlivenment) and wants to continue the work. We adapt to whatever is coming up for you in your current practice and give you space to deepen your scene work, address any setbacks or challenges as they arise and continue to identify new areas for self exploration and creative growth.

You will: 


  • Work weekly, in detail on lead characters from film and TV. You will increasingly be encouraged to direct yourself, play to win, use the frame to your advantage, make strong choices, step out of your comfort zone and take your work to a new level of specificity. 

  • Watch and reflect on your work weekly.

  • Clarify your creative/ career/ craft and personal goals for the next three months in the first session, create a process focussed approach for achieving them and check in each week about anything getting in the way of your progress. 

  • Be expected to commit to consistent introspective practice and share insights and reflections in session.​

There is no other formal curriculum for this course. 

What's included?


4 live, 80 minute private sessions (on camera scene work + personal check-ins)

resources and reflection prompts will be assigned as the need arises.

regular check-ins and support via text message


you will be sent your footage to keep.



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