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These sessions may be for you if ...

  • you want to make time to nourish your creative practice

  • you're craving space to breathe, ground and cultivate presence

  • you want to prioritize what energizes and fuels you

  • you're ready to devise, generate and actualize your latest project

  • you want to keep the promises you make with yourself 

  • you're interested in relating to yourself with greater kindness and acceptance 

  • you want to take tangible action steps towards your career goals and creative desires

  • you value curiosity, creativity and self exploration​​


The Details:


All sessions are private, 1 hour, live on zoom 

Together, we will create a safe container for honest reflection, exploration, mindful awareness and intention setting. Whether you're feeling stuck, unsure or overwhelmed, I will partner with you to get things moving again so you can feel more alive and connected to what matters to you.

A coaching relationship is a partnership. I meet you where you're at, ask questions, listen deeply, point out patterns, offer feedback, honour your work, hold you accountable and celebrate your commitment to yourself. I will not offer unsolicited advice or feed you solutions. I know you are the expert on your own process. I believe in you, your voice and your art and I know making it is fundamental to who you are.  

I currently have sliding scale spots available- priority given to BIPOC, trans feminine and non binary artists. 

 What is a Sliding Scale? Learn more here

 View Rates & Sliding Scale Spots

Interested in working together? I love hearing from you!

On Camera Confidence

12 Week Foundational Course

A transformative guide to reconnecting with your core, artistic truth and building authentic confidence on camera. Whether you are just starting out, transitioning to the screen from theatre or want to take greater ownership over what you have to offer- this course is for you.

You will gain a unique set of tools for cultivating real confidence; strategies you can always return to and embodied practices for letting go of mental blocks so you can attune to yourself more deeply and JUST BE on camera. 


By the end of these 12 weeks you will have a much deeper understanding of who you are on screen, what you need to perform at your personal best and where you want to go next.

12 live 80 minute sessions including on camera + career & mindset coaching

8 online learning modules


$1,800.00 + tax



These packages are only available for artists who have already taken the 3 month foundational On Camera Confidence course. 

Enlivenment Club:

9 months

To give you a soft place to land & monthly accountability to your goals.

  • 1 hour monthly group gathering

  • guided practice

  • journal prompts

  • q & a

Investment: $450 + tax

Core 1:1 Package:

6 weeks

This is deeply personalized direct attention- adapted to you, your artistry, priorities and needs. We build off the foundation laid in our previous work together and create a consistent  place for you to check- in, gain clarity, process the tough stuff, honour the artist within and take bold action in alignment with what matters to you.

  • Sessions are 70 minutes, weekly (as always, if things come up, 2 re-schedules are included). 

  • We set process focussed intentions at the beginning of our work together which may focus on; inner work, creative visioning, career strategy.

  • We check in and process what is coming up in your personal practice building off of the foundational tools and frameworks taught in the original 12 Week course.

  • Self reflection prompts, that emerge organically out of our sessions, and bonus online modules may be offered. There is no set curriculum.

  • I am available to you by text, voice note and email between sessions to cheer you on and keep you accountable. ​​

Investment: $700 +tax

Twelve week discounted package also available.




Core plus 1:1 Package:

6 weeks 


For those of you committed to deepening your on camera craft, we keep that muscle flexed and ready for the next audition.

  • Sessions are 80 minutes

  • Everything in the Core package + 

  • Weekly scene work

  • Weekly feedback on your on camera work, consultation on materials.

Investment: $900 +tax 

Twelve Week discounted package also available.

Edit this paragraph to highlight a specific service or feature you offer. Click "Edit Text" to begin editing the content and make it your own.

Edit this paragraph to highlight a specific service or feature you offer. Click "Edit Text" to begin editing the content and make it your own.

Edit this paragraph to highlight a specific service or feature you offer. Click "Edit Text" to begin editing the content and make it your own.

Edit this paragraph to highlight a specific service or feature you offer. Click "Edit Text" to begin editing the content and make it your own.

The Firefly 

6 weeks

pre-requisite: OCC

This package is for you if you have completed On Camera Confidence and want to continue to build a committed practice. Keep your acting muscle flexed, hone your audition skills and take your work to the next level.


These intensive six weeks will give you the rigorous practice  you need to book work. We will push you outside your comfort zone, identify what's in the way, give you strategies for dealing with setbacks and lay out a simple, effective plan for putting your aspirations into action.

6 x 80 minute classes: on camera scene work & mindset check in


weekly email feedback on your on camera work

limited text and voice messaging support

$900 + tax


Woman Portrait_edited_edited.jpg

The Firecracker

6 months

By Application & Consult Only

This offering is for the working artist who wants to go deeper. You've worked hard and its showing. You are feeling the momentum and you know what you're capable of. You're ready to invest in your emotional, mental and spiritual health so you can embrace the new heights you are soaring to with ease and grace.


You want to hone in, get super specific about your next steps and what it will take to get there. You're ready to do some serious introspection, shift unconscious patterning and take decisive action in alignment with your highest self.


There is something inside you burning to work hard, make shit happen and show up fiercer, more wholehearted and committed than ever before. 

4 x 70 minute supportive coaching sessions a month 

weekly deep dive email follow ups & check- ins


weekly email support and feedback on career communications, applications, submissions, headshots, reel, website, letters of intent.

unlimited access via text and voice messaging

$4,500.00 + tax

Payment Plans Available


Young Woman's Portrait_edited_edited.jpg

The Phoenix

9 months

Consult Only

For well established artists and creators. You're at the top of your game. The problem is you're stressed out from juggling life & too many projects. You're finding it hard to say no to what isn't serving you and, the hardest part is, you're beating yourself up for feeling exhausted.


At this level, I am your wing woman; supporting you, challenging you, offering armfuls of affirmation, tough love and a soft place to land. 


Over the course of 9 months you will play bigger than you ever have before; giving yourself the devotion, discernment and time you need so you can put all of your energy into what really matters to you. 

2 flexible creative sessions (audition/line learning/rehearsal/writing support) per month


2 deep dive supportive coaching calls a month


Weekly email support on applications, headshots, reel, website, letters of intent, proposals, pitches, copy editing.

Unlimited supportive text & voice note check-ins

A one week mid- year private Artist Retreat in Ontario (flights not included). You bring yourself, we'll take care of the rest.

INVESTMENT $10,000.00


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