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Coaching Packages for Returning Artists

These packages are only available for artists who have already taken the 3 month foundational On Camera Confidence course. 

These packages are adapted to you; your artistry, your heart, your career, priorities and needs. We build off the foundation laid in our previous work together and create a consistent  place for you to gain clarity, process the tough stuff, honour the artist within and take bold, decisive action in alignment with your goals and what matters to you. For those of you committed to deepening your on camera craft, we keep that muscle flexed and ready for the next audition. Let's build on your momentum.

  • Sessions are 80 minutes, weekly. 

  • We set process focussed intentions at the beginning of our work together which may focus on; inner work, creative visioning, career strategy and/ or on camera practice.

  • We check in and work through whatever is coming up in your personal practice building off of the foundational tools and frameworks taught in the original 12 Week course.

  • Self reflection prompts, that emerge organically out of our sessions, and bonus online modules may be offered. There is no set curriculum.

  • Weekly email feedback on footage provided.

  • I am available to you by text and voice note between sessions to cheer you on and keep you accountable. ​​


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