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first time performers

Filmmakers and agents who cast or represent first time performers bring me onto their teams to prepare the performer for working on set and the challenges of carrying a film.

At its core, my work with first time performers is simply to support them in letting go of nerves, self consciousness and anything else preventing them from bringing all of themselves to the role. We create a compassionate, playful container in which the artist is free to be honest, practice, try things out and experiment on camera without feeling like they’re in a pressure cooker or like they have to get it right the first time.


We work with foundational acting tools and exercises and create a blueprint, a place to begin, with each scene in the script so that when it comes time to be on set (and they are in a higher stress environment) the performer has a foundation to rely on and tools to work with. Our priority is always cultivating the actor's self trust and self belief as well as communicating with production about what the actor will need in order to feel safe bringing the depth of their lived experience into the work. 


If you are a filmmaker or talent agent working with first time performers or you are a first time performer who wants 1:1 support, I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out for rates and further details on what working together could look like.


Vivien expertly led casting workshops for my film "For Nonna Anna" which screened at festivals around the world including Sundance where it received a Special Jury Prize. I attribute much of the film’s success to the lead who was cast with Vivien’s insight, skill, and care. 


Vivien has a way of making first time performers feel seen, heard, and comfortable which in turn leads to great performances. In the acting  and casting world it has been a challenge to find people who have both a skill set in performance and an intrinsic empathy when working with marginalized communities. Vivien has both of these which makes her the perfect acting coach for my projects.

- luis de filippis, filmmaker

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