days of enlivenment

committing to creative practice in uncertain times

These days are fragile and we’re all finding different ways to cope. there’s definitely no right or wrong way to feel in this current moment. I don't know about you but I'm fluctuating between overwhelm and gratitude. Artists are adjusting to the new normal and finding creative ways to collaborate and connect. All this time at home presents a great opportunity for making things but it can be hard to actually sit down and start (especially if we’re setting ourselves high standards and feeling pressured to make something “good”).​

I’m trying to let go of the product and focus on being in process.

For me that means setting aside time for daily artistic practice

time devoted to;

nurturing day dreams.

getting curious.

no agenda. no striving. just play & discovery.

taking a leap

sharing secrets with myself

tender care

hanging out with the little girl in me

making "bad" art


meeting myself in this moment

re- connecting to my "why"

playing dress up


causing a ruckus

It's never the same from day to day.

I'm just committing to being in the process.

What I’m finding from freeing myself of the pressure to be "productive" is that I'm actually making more things!

I’d love to hear how you're making time for your creativity.

If you're having trouble starting, you want to shake it up or you're craving some structured play time get in touch

For ten days (you choose your start date)

I will email you daily enlivenment rituals & resources, tools & prompts

to ignite your imagination and help you establish a regular practice

plus I'll include links to podcasts, videos & guided meditations

who knows maybe making time to practice will lead to something bigger or maybe it will just be about showing up for the exploration.

let's find out.

with love