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find your foundation

A five week private program for first time performers

You Will:

  • cultivate the ability to access a range of emotions in the moment

  • practice listening and working off your scene partner in the moment

  • grasp the fundamentals of script analysis

  • develop an empowering new relationship with your breath

  • learn to take direction

  • let go of self- conciousness and make bold choices in your work

  • begin to cultivate a mindful self reflection practice

The Details 

  • weekly self- reflection sheets

  • 5 weekly sessions of 1:1 attention

  • 1 hour per session

  • $395

I offer some sliding scale spots. These spots often have a waitlist, if you would like to be added to it please contact me.

I always offer a half hour courtesy call to chat details, answer any questions and see if we’re the right fit.

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