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enlivenment coaching


These sessions are for you if you are longing to play bigger in your life and be more loyal to your dreams than your fears. You will practice getting out of your head and into your heart, trusting your gut, working with your inner critic and connecting with your innate wisdom.


These sessions will help you develop your capacity to respond to life's challenges with emotional resilience and work through what's holding you back so that you can begin to relate to yourself in kinder, more effective ways and take the next self supportive steps towards going for what you really want in your life and career.

I will be in your corner cheering you on, holding you accountable and supporting you to live in deeper alignment with what matters to you.

what you get:

  • 1 deep dive inventory

  • 6 live, 60 minute private sessions over zoom

  • 6 weekly resource modules & reflection prompts​

  • The Enlivenment Process Intention Setting & Progress Tracking PDF



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