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on camera confidence details

WEEK ONE: Personal Power

Your Past, Present and Future Self

The Science of Fixed vs. Growth Mindset and Why it Matters for Your Career

Being Seen As You Are- On Camera Exercise

WEEK TWO: Performance

Mock On Camera Audition with Sides #1

Tools for Smart Preparation

Accessing Authentic Presence

Setting yourself up for Audition Success

Working with the Nervous System


WEEK THREE: Practice

Scene Work On Camera with return Sides #1

Why We Practice

Conducting Honest Self Inquiry

Working with Resistance

Noticing & Tracking Behaviour Patterns


WEEK FOUR: Perception

Scene Work On Camera with Sides # 2

Understanding Fear, Social Conditioning and Survival 

Developing a New Relationship to the Inner Critic 

Critical Vs. Realistic Thinking


WEEK FIVE: Perspective

Scene Work On Camera with Return Sides #2 

Applying Fierce Self Compassion

Identifying Needs

Working with Difficult Emotions 


WEEK SIX: Purpose

Scene Work on Camera with Sides #3

Visualization: Meeting your Inner Mentor

Core Values Exercise

Finding Your Why


Return Scene Work on Camera  with Sides #3

Habit Science and Why it Matters for Your Career

Creating Your Plan, Daily Actions and Next Steps 

Preparing for Setbacks & Managing Common Pitfalls


Final On Camera Exercise

Embracing the Process

The Confidence Competence Loop

Becoming the Person You Need To Be

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